Thank you for viewing my internet shop, Slippery When Wet Soaps & Sundries.  I have been making soaps for many years.  I started making basic soap like your grandma or great-grandma did.  My first handmade soaps were grated and used for my laundry.  I am constantly experimenting and learning more.  One can never be too old to learn! 

Most soaps I make contain shea butter and coconut oil in them.  I also use raw cow milk I purchase from an Amish dairy.  For fragrance, I use both essential oil and fragrance oil.  If you are not a soap maker, you may not understand the difference between essential oil and fragrance oil.  Basically, essential oil is a naturally derived fragrance from the plant and it is more expensive than the synthetic fragrance oil.  These fragrances are what is used in aroma therapy.   Some fragrances are only synthetically made.  An example would be strawberry.  There is not an essential oil for strawberry. 

Most of my soaps are not vegan since I use raw cow milk, honey, tallow, and my urban farm eggs; however,  I will occasionally make a vegan soap.  I try to list the ingredient list with the description of each soap.

My handmade soap is tested on humans and animals alike.  All occupants of my household use my soap, even my four legged members.

Thank you very much for looking!!!  Dawnie


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